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Hello, I'm Darek @ Designs by Rudy

Hello, I'm Darek @ Designs by Rudy

Chicago concrete furniture design studio

Creating unorthodox and practical things was always on my agenda, however, designing concrete furniture became the most enjoyable and challenging experience so far. They are not your everyday pieces of furniture; made mostly with glass fiber reinforced concrete, some are quite heavy when put together, but… every single one of them is always one hundred percent unique.
It is virtually impossible to make any two of them the same, they may appear similar, but when you take a closer look, they are completely different species.
If you are looking for a very unique piece of concrete furniture to complement your office, house, or backyard, a design that nobody else can and will ever have, give me a call or complete the form below.

Uniquely beautiful…

New boardroom table first picture...

Boardroom Table by Hammertown Industrial Furniture designed by Designs by Rudy

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