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Highly Targeted Facebook Advertising for Local Businesses

Facebook Advertising for Local businesses

Marketing your local business on Facebook may not be on any of your to-do lists for many reasons. BUT, did you know about the extremely targeted audiences you can create and reach using Facebook advertising?

It’s like offering your service or products only to those who are already your potential customers – they just don’t know it yet.

For example: if you have a business servicing weddings like a limousine, photography, wedding planning, or catering, Facebook advertising can help you target people that just got engaged. Only they will see your ads so you’re not wasting money on advertising to everyone.

A personal trainer can promote his business only to people living in his area, only to those who have healthy living interest, and those who make at least $100,000 per year, so they can afford his service. He can adjust his ads to reach man & woman, or one gender only.

How about restaurant and bar owners? They can have their advertisement shown only to people within a mile or two from their place.

You can target people of certain age, interests, workplace, education, spoken language, and many other categories. It’s all about choosing the best combination of parameters to create audiences of your potential customers. The best part of it – Facebook will let you market your business starting at only $5 per day.

Types of Ads Currently Available on Facebook

Clicks to Your Website

Your business ads will inspire people to visit your website.

Engage Desktop App

Ads will encourage more activity on your desktop application.

Desktop App Installs

Boost number of your desktop application installations.

Event Responses

Increase the attendance on your Facebook page event.

Lead Generation

Ad helps collecting lead information from your potential customers

Local Awareness

A potential goldmine for some brick and mortar type businesses.

Engage Mobile App

Do you have your own mobile app? Get more activity with this ad.

Mobile App Installs

With this ad encourage people to install your mobile application.

Offer Claims

Promote your Facebook offers using this particular ad type.

FB Page Likes

Start building or expend your Facebook business audience.


Page Post Engagement

Boost your Facebook post likes, shares, comments, video & image views.

Product Catalog Sales

Promote products from your catalog to a very specific audience.

Video Views

Advertising type to get more people view a video on your FB page.

Website Conversions

Create ads that convince people to perform specific actions on your website.

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