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Local video marketing for businesses

Most of you are reading this for one of two reasons: you’d like to get some ideas for a website or you are considering local video marketing as an option for your business. If it’s the latter, the process may appear difficult and even scary if this is your first approach towards this thriving marketing field.

Rest assured – there’s nothing to be intimidated by since I take care of the entire process of creating, marketing / promoting the video online. If you have your own video or pictures in digital form, using them will speed up the process and save you money as well.

The objective is to always reach the first page of Google with your local video, largely because most consumers rarely click beyond the first page. In other words, what’s the point of creating a video no one will ever see?

I must disclose one important thing: unlike many other companies, I cannot guarantee that your video will reach the first page for one simple reason – neither they nor I own the Google search engine, and we have no control over the search and placement algorithm changes. I can, however, guarantee that, except for one, there is not a single local market video (including within the Chicago market) that I created and promoted for my clients that has not reached the first page of Google.

Question: How long does it usually take in local video marketing to reach the first page of Google’s search results?


Answer: Although there are several key elements that have an impact on the time frame (the main one being competition), the process usually takes between two and four weeks. On the other hand, the process may be as fast as a day or two, or last longer than one month. Remember, my job is to get the video popular on Google’s search results, not only the YouTube (where that can sometimes be as quick as a few minutes after uploading and publishing).

Question: Will you create videos and run promotional campaigns for more than one company for the same business category in a single city (i.e. two roofing companies in Naperville)?


Answer: I might create videos for two roofing companies, but I will not run promotional campaigns for them in the same city, unless each focuses on completely different keywords / phrases.
For example:

  • Cedar roof installations in Naperville
  • Asphalt shingle roof installations in Naperville

In order to make a final decision on whether local video marketing is the best choice for you, I’d like you to go over 3 video marketing infographics starting from this one – Video versus Text. Don’t get left behind in this marketing field and keep losing customers! There are still opportunities for you to start dominating your competition in a short period of time using local video marketing.

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