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Dominance of Video versus Text Infographic

Utilizing online video marketing for the services your business offers or product(s) you sell is undoubtedly extremely important.

Just look around you:

  • The amount of commercials you see on TV is staggering – they are all videos even if displaying only text messages.
  • The advertisements on Internet portals serving news – majority of them are videos.

Have you ever asked yourself why are they serving so much of that video footage instead of writing articles. Or even if there is an article, why is there a video accompanying it?

The answer is simple, because it works! And it works because most people prefer watching one minute of video versus skimming over a page of text. Look at the numbers below and think about showing your potential clients what you have to offer, grabbing their attention and forcing them to pick up the phone and call your number.
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Video marketing Infographic by BUBOBOX part 2

Courtesy of: BuboBox.com

Is the online video marketing good for you? I guess you’ll need to try it to answer this question.