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Concrete Console Table

My Concrete Console Table series start with three, slightly different designs. Although the concept is based on a plain console table, by creating a gap in the concrete console legs and top surface, and then integrating metal bars into it, the result is a very unique piece.

Even with significant concrete weight, because of the table’s distinctive profile, its form remains very light in appearance. A concrete console table can be set against a wall in your hallway, support a TV, or sit as an accent piece under art pieces. It can also serve as a sofa table of concrete piece of furniture separating two lounge chairs.

Each concrete console table is handcrafted based on the specifications you provide while placing your order.
You’ll find 3 choices of concrete colors:

  1. Charcoal
  2. Gray
  3. White

We use integral concrete pigmentation to ensure the most uniform color distribution, however, concrete has slight color variations and this may show in different sections of the console table. Unless painted, achieving a 100% uniform finish is virtually impossible.

There are also 3 choices of metal used between concrete sections:

  1. ½” diameter steel rods – it has a natural dark gray / charcoal color
  2. ½” diameter copper tubing with a natural shiny color or, if desired, browned
  3. ½” diameter stainless steel tubing which can be brushed or smooth

All exposed metal will be sealed to prevent reaction with oils, chemicals and / or elements, unless otherwise specified while ordering.

Stainless steel and copper tubing have a reinforcing steel bar installed inside to maintain required strength level.

Concrete surfaces are sealed with 4 or more coats of high quality sealer (matte or gloss finish).

One of the biggest advantages to ordering your concrete console table from Designs by Rudy is the opportunity to get the exact size you need. There are some size boundaries that cannot be changed, but in most cases you’ll get the width, height, and length that perfectly fit into your interior or exterior design.

A word of caution:

The concrete console tables are extremely heavy and quite stable when undisturbed. However, their dimensions and shape (tall and narrow) make them vulnerable to tipping over.
Because we have absolutely no control over your environment and accidents do happen, we encourage you to always place the concrete console table with one side against a wall or other solid vertical surface it can be safely secured to. There’s a hidden bracket on each side of the concrete console, and steel cable is provided.

The legs of the concrete console table have their bottom surface finished with non-marking material to protect your floor from scratches.

Enjoy this short video if you didn’t already. It’s fast but has a few more images in it.

Please read before contacting me…

I cannot produce any of my designs at the moment, I'm looking for a partner with manufacturing capabilities. If you have the resources to manufacture custom concrete and / or wood furniture and would consider creating some form of partnership with me – let me know.

(847) 281-5131

If you'd like to have a unique piece of concrete (or wood) furniture designed, please contact me with the details.

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