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Simple 3 Slab Sectional Concrete Coffee Table

DR51 Simple 3 Slab starts another line of elegant coffee tables / concrete coffee tables. It has a completely different design than “The Link” series, all sections of concrete are supported with a metal frame made out of various diameter (depending on model) copper, stainless steel, galvanized or black steel pipes.

Unlike “The Link”, “Sectional Series” concrete coffee tables are build from individual concrete slabs which in many cases will make transporting and re-positioning of the table much easier. You can always remove the top elements and re-assemble the whole piece after moving its base. The table is still very heavy; it’s concrete after all, but much easier to manage in smaller pieces.

Simple 3 Slab concrete coffee table pictured below is quite large:
40” wide x 60” long x 20” high, however, we can customize dimensions to fit perfectly into your environment.

We are offering this concrete table in 3 colors: charcoal, gray, and white. Also, it is a solid precast, no Styrofoam or any other fillers inside the slabs.

Concrete surfaces are polished and sealed to protect them from staining and elements if you choose to place your concrete coffee table outside. Under normal use this concrete coffee table will virtually last forever, but its surface protective layer, i.e. wax, will eventually wear off and require re-applying. Depending on the sealer / wax and the amount of “abuse” the concrete receives, for example exposing it to rain, the sealer application may be required two or more times per year to prevent staining.

Table supporting legs are finished with non-marking material to minimize possibility of scratching floor surface.

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