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Steel Frame, Concrete Base, and Glass top Conference Table Design

Slightly altered design of my Northbank concrete conference table. This one can be appreciated in its entirety (top and base) even when fully occupied, I just got rid of the concrete top slabs. Replacing concrete with ½” thick tempered glass sheets exposes its entire steel framework.

The previously skewed center section and a steel logo plate has been replaced with concrete and could contain embedded company logo, name, slogan, and/or AV-charging ports. The wiring can be also hidden inside the frame/glass supports and accessible from underneath without disturbing the design.

The table’s structure rests on 5 concrete blocks, one large, rectangular piece that also acts as counterbalance to the entire table, and 4 additional 12”x12” square blocks supporting each of the I-Beams (two on each side).

Color accents matching your company colors and a steel frame finish of your choice… give me a call – Darek @ 847-281-5131, and let’s WOW everyone invited to sit by this table.

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Please contact me if you'd like to have a unique table designed and build to fit your particular environment. Whether you need a conference room table, office desk, or maybe your dinning room table, if you like my table designs, I'm sure I can create and build one for you.

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