Concrete Conference Table – Triangles Geometric Series

Concrete conference table “Triangles” design is a first one in geometric series. Top and base elements are made out of 1″ thick fiber reinforced concrete. This concrete conference table can be custom-designed and constructed to fit any room, no matter how big it is.

Thanks to its unique, sectional design, small elements can be transported individually and assembled on site which often presents a challenge with large size / one piece tables. You also have to consider the weight of your concrete conference table, at one inch thick slab profile each square foot of concrete weights approximately 10-12 lb’s. Additional weight will come from the steel railing supporting top elements.

Company name / logo / website address can be incorporated into the concrete table’s surface, however, because of the complexity of some logo designs this can be determined once I can examine it.

There are three colors of concrete to choose from (charcoal, gray, and bone white). Accent color, if you wish to have some of the edges painted, can be anything you pick from the following chart – BM Color Chart.

The project does not include chairs.

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