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DR CR-L Concrete Console Table with Curved Solid Wood Striped Top

Left and right curved concrete console tables with wooden striped top
My recent project is a set of two asymmetric wood and concrete console tables designed with left and right curve top. Solid wood strips of various species have been used to create this delicate curve and achieve unique pattern that carries from the console’s top onto the supporting leg.

The corner joint in both of those console tables is encapsulated with charcoal concrete shell that matches “L” shaped concrete block supporting this entire composition.

Wooden top and shorter leg of the concrete block are fused together with hidden anchors while 3 copper pipes protruding from the longer side of concrete support embed itself into the side edge. Another, diamond shaped copper accent appears alongside the vertical concrete edge of the right curved concrete console table. The left curved wood and concrete console table has copper accent embedded into the bottom corner of its concrete block.

The wooden slabs are 2” thick x 6” wide and had been sealed with 3 coats of polyurethane for a silky-smooth surface (matte finish).

Concrete surface has been treated with 3 coats of high performance, penetrating sealer in matte finish.

This concrete and wood console table can be used:

  • keys and wallet drop-off point
  • photos and art pieces stand
  • as a stand-alone piece of art
  • narrow hallway accent
  • as a sofa table

The entire concrete console table enhanced with wooden top and supporting leg weighs approximately 185lbs.

The concrete console table dimensions are:

  • 32” tall
  • 50 ¾” long
  • “L” shaped concrete – 2” thick x 12” shorter edge x 22” longer edge
  • Wooden slabs are 2” thick x 6” wide

Click any image of the concrete console table to open its full-size version, use left/right arrows to change pictures.

Left Curve Wood and Concrete Console Table Pictures


Right Curve Wood and Concrete Console Table Pictures


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