Conference Room Table with Wooden Top, Steel Frame, and Concrete Legs

This is my second conference room table design which will be handcrafted entirely by Drew Neven & Steven Voortman from the Hammertown Industrial Furniture in Canada.

Boardroom table’s entire top will be made from solid wood planks divided with steel plates, top and bottom sections filled with contrasting wood species.

Table’s top supporting frame consists of I-Beams and 2″x 2″ steel angle, all set on top of four concrete columns. Work begins soon.

Please let me know if you’d like to make a statement with a unique concrete conference table. I’ll make it happen.

Watch the Boardroom Table video below or click any of the gallery pictures to expand.

Please read before contacting me…

My custom concrete conference tables can be handcrafted in Canada and delivered to your location - shipping will be calculated based on your delivery address and dimensions / weight of a finished project. You can also make special pick-up arrangements with Hammertown Industrial Furniture in Canada.

(847) 281-5131

If you need to have a unique piece of concrete furniture designed, describe it in as much detail as possible.

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