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Steel & Concrete Conference Table Design and Fabrication for Northbank

Table renderings are below

Designing every single one of my custom steel and concrete conference tables is always very exciting. Each project brings new challenges but rewards with a fully assembled piece of gorgeousness… yeah, I’m selfishly proud of my designs, in a good way I hope!

I designed and currently fabricating this 20′ long by 5′ wide “monster” concrete conference table for Northbank Civil & Marine in Vancouver, WA. The table evolved from a little more complex design you can find here – Concept Concrete Conference Table Design.  Let me know if you’d like to have one customized and build for your company.

The final design has a base assembled from 8″x8″ and 4″x4″ wide flange beams, sitting on five 3″ thick concrete blocks, supporting 20’x5′ concrete top nested in a 3″ tall steel frame. Table’s top middle section contains steel plate with a laser cut company logo.

There are also 4 media boxes embedded into the concrete top sections, they contain variety of power and AV ports.

Would you’d like to make a statement with a unique piece of furniture custom designed and handcrafted for your business or home? Let me now.

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Looking for a custom boardroom table?

Please contact me if you'd like to have a unique table designed and build to fit your particular environment. Whether you need a conference room table, office desk, or maybe your dinning room table, if you like my table designs, I'm sure I can create and build one for you.

If you'd like to have a unique piece of concrete furniture designed, describe it in as much detail as possible.