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DR4 “Square Closed Link” contemporary concrete table

This Table Design has been Depreciated.

DR4 “Square Closed Link” contemporary concrete table is a slight alteration of DR3.

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While two legs remain the same as on its predecessor concrete table, there is also a 15″ wide flat base that runs across the table’s width and a massive 15″ x 15″ x 23″ column that besides serving as a support can be used as small, second level table surface.

Just like all designs in “Chain Link Contemporary Concrete Coffee Table Series” this one is also a solid precast concrete, without fillers such as foam, Styrofoam, etc. This form comes with 1.75″ thick walls / top.

You can see two interlocking sections of this contemporary concrete coffee table, however, the entire geometric body is a single piece which has no seams, requires no assembly, and cannot be taken part. If you’d like to be able to separate top and its too legs from the square link and its base, please specify that in “Additional Comments” field of the Quote request form.

The concrete used in the production of DR4 is integrally pigmented / color added to the concrete ingredients while mixing.

DR4 Square Closed Link contemporary concrete table surfaces are polished to achieve desired level of roughness… or if you like – smoothness. The surfaces also have a sealer and wax applied to achieve maximum stain resistance for interior applications. To better protect concrete coffee table from elements in any exterior applications please specify its anticipated placement in the Quote Request so proper combination of an impregnating and topical sealer will be applied.

DR4 “Square Closed Link” can be currently ordered in 3 colors: charcoal, white, or light gray. Single concrete coffee table of this particular design will be manufactured in each of those colors before completely retiring or changing the design.

The two table section are jointed together with metal bars or pipes which are visible on detail images. When ordering this concrete coffee table you have a choice of: 1/2” diameter iron bar, copper tubing, or stainless steel tubing.

The contemporary table dimensions are: 45”W x 45”L x 18”H (width x length x height) but can be slightly altered if you desire. Please describe in “Additional Comments” what would be your preferred table top size and its height.

Link (square column) dimensions: 15”W x 10”L x 23”H.

Bottom surfaces of the concrete coffee table are finished with non-marking surface to protect your floor finishes.

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