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DR1 Contemporary Concrete Side Table

The Link, concrete side table – Chain Link Contemporary Concrete Coffee Table Series foundation, sort of…

Although “The Link” design is a base for the coffee tables in my Chain Link series it was not created as a first one. It evolved from DR3 (open bottom link table) supporting section and since it can serve multiple purposes I decided not to limit its production.

Like most of the concrete coffee tables in Chain Link series “The link” is a solid precast concrete design as well, there are no fillers of any kind (such as foam, Styrofoam, etc.). All of its walls are 2″ thick but can be made thicker for even bolder appeal.

The two interlacing elements in “The Link” are created without any seams, with exposed metal bars at the center section. When placing your order you have a choice of: 1/2” diameter steel bar, copper, or stainless steel.

DR1 concrete end table is currently available in 3 colors of concrete: charcoal, gray, or white. The concrete is integrally pigmented which helps in achieving uniform color. Integral pigmentation is also beneficial in case of accidental dents / chips, damaged areas will simply retain the same color as the undamaged surface of The Link.

All concrete surfaces are sealed with at least 4 coats of high performance sealer available in semi-gloss or matte finish. The sealer is a penetrable type and provides an excellent stain, acid, and scratch resistance of concrete surfaces.

Although “The Link” dimensions are:18”W x 18”L x 21”H (width x length x height) you can specify different size and we’ll let you know if it’s feasible to create a design within such constraints.

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