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DR12 “Open Cross” Contemporary Concrete Coffee Table

DR12 “Open Cross” contemporary concrete coffee table from the “Chain Link” cement table series.

DR12 is supported by a cross shaped base with vertical risers embracing square concrete coffee table top. You have a choice of 3 metals that can be used to connect concrete top with four legs: 1/2” diameter steel bar, copper tubing, or stainless steel tubing. Iron bars can be painted to match other decorative elements of your interior or exterior, copper comes in its natural color or browned, stainless steel smooth or brushed. All metals are sealed to maximize resistance to moisture, oils, etc.
The DR12 contemporary concrete coffee table dimensions are: 48”W x 48”L x 16”H (width x length x height), however, upon request they can be slightly altered to better fit into your environment.

The whole “Open Cross” concrete coffee table is a solid precast concrete, there is no foam, Styrofoam, or any other types of fillers used beneath its surfaces. Yes, it is quite heavy with its approximately 1.75″ thick surfaces and it is poured as a single piece, you are not going to be able to separate its supporting base from the top.

As far as available colors, DR12 can be ordered in charcoal, white, or light gray and concrete mix is integrally pigmented to ensure uniform appearance through. Single piece of the “Open Cross” will be manufactured in each of the available colors before retiring or changing this design.

DR12 Open Cross Link contemporary concrete coffee table surfaces are polished, sealed, and waxed for maximum protection from stains and elements if placed outside. By specifying its most anticipated location (interior or exterior)

Table’s base surface facing the floor has build-in non-marking plates to prevent finished floor damage.

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