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DR2 – Concrete End Table – Cocktail Table – Sofa Table

The concept behind DR2 – the concrete side table or concrete end table if you like, second in my Chain Link Contemporary Concrete Coffee Table series was to create a smaller version of a regular size coffee table, an extension that can be used in various more crowded and limited space environments. Most common applications will be as a concrete cocktail table, bedside table, concrete accent table to stage your art pieces, or, of course, as a “personal” coffee table.

The actual table offered for purchase has larger space (2″ instead of 1″) between the leg and horizontal square surface. You’ll find more renderings on the listing page (shopping button above).

It offers horizontal square surface (21″ x 21″) suspended on a concrete leg 18″ from the floor. Table section and the “Link” are connected together with metal bars or pipes which are partially exposed / visible. You have a choice of: 1/2” diameter black steel rod, copper tubing, and stainless steel tubing or rod.

Concrete End Table section dimensions:  21”W x 21”L x 18”H (width x length x table surface height)

Link dimensions: 8″W x 20″L x 24″H with thicker, table supporting section 8″ x 8″

Wall / top thickness is 1.75″.

Because of its design, DR2 – the concrete End Table can be purchased in centered (4.5″ overhang on each side), left and / or right version – with wider (6″) section located on the right or left. Also, just like DR1, its production will not be limited, you can order any number of left/right pieces in any of the three colors currently available: charcoal, white, or light gray. The concrete is integrally pigmented which helps in achieving uniform color.

The table is a solid precast concrete with no fillers of any kind. There are also no connections, seams, or assembly, it is created as one piece.

The concrete End Table / Side Table is suitable for interior and exterior installation. This will ensure application of the best sealer for your choice of environment. 

The base of the concrete End Table is finished with non-marking surface to protect your floor from scratches.

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