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DR 6 Double Link Concrete Coffee Table

This table design has been depreciated.

DR6 / Double Link is another piece of concrete furniture representing the Chain Link Contemporary Concrete Coffee table series.

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Two “Links” are better, right? Except it gets quite complicated designing and creating interlacing forms that can turn such idea into a concrete coffee table in a single pour of concrete. But I love challenges and two “Links” are definitely better than 4 legs and a top :-).

DR6 comes in one piece of solid precast concrete, all verticals and horizontals are 1.75″ thick. The dimensions of a table you can see on images above are as follows:

Square table top: 45” x 45” (with two supporting Links: 45″ wide x 52″ long)

Table top surface height: 18″

Link dimensions: 22″ high with top section projection 18″ x 11”

Some size adjustments are possible but you need to specify it while completing the quote request form below.

Concrete coffee table’s top and supporting structure are jointed together with metal rods or rod-pipe combination. What you see on pictures is 1/2″ diameter steel bar which can be painted to pretty much any color you like. Optionally you have a choice of copper (natural or browned) or stainless steel (smooth or brushed) pipe. Their surface will be sealed to prevent discoloration.

Integral pigmentation of concrete (color is added during mixing process) ensures uniform color and comes handy if the coffee table gets chipped since the concrete beneath retains the same color as the finished surface.

DR6 contemporary concrete coffee table will perform fine in the interior or exterior of your house. However, specifying its anticipated location will ensure application of the most suitable sealing agent.

There’s a choice of 3 colors while ordering DR6: charcoal, white, or light gray and only one coffee table of this design will be manufactured in each of those colors. Once orders are placed this concrete coffee table design will be retired or altered.

The two legs that come in direct contact with floor surface are finished with a protective non-marking surface.

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