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DR9 is a “Missing Link” in my Chain Link Series of concrete tables.

This design has been depreciated.

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The only reason for such name is the design of legs supporting concrete table top, they are simply not intertwined with it. The physical connection between the two main parts of this table has been created by steel rods protruding from both shorter sides of a rectangle shaped top concrete block.

This particular piece of contemporary, solid precast concrete furniture will be hand crafted in three colors: charcoal, white, or gray. Integral pigmentation of concrete mix ensures uniform coloring which is very beneficial in case of accidental chipping – damaged area will have the same color as finished surface.

Just like most of the concrete coffee tables in Link Series (except for DR1 and DR2) there will be only 3 pieces of the pictured table design made (one in each color). After receiving 3 orders I will retire this model completely or re-design it / alter its appearance.

DR9 comes with a half inch thick, wire mesh reinforced safety glass sheet, stainless steel, or copper plate which are 2″ wide x 16″ long. Glass and plates are removable, installed / supported by exposed steel rods inside a 1.75″ thick concrete table top cut-out.

Missing Link contemporary concrete coffee table surfaces are polished, sealed, and waxed to provide maximum resistance to stains and elements if placed outside. However, to maintain its resistance, protective substances will need to be reapplied especially if exposed to significant temperature changes, frost, snow, etc.

The pictured concrete coffee table top is 32″ wide, 42″ long, and suspended 16″ above the floor surface. With its supporting structure the overall length comes to 50″ and height 20″. Base and side legs are 16 inches wide and have the same 1.75″ thickness as the top. Please specify in a quote request form below if you’d like to slightly alter them to better fit your particular environment.

To protect surfaces beneath the table, such as hardwood floor or tiles, its base will be finished with non-marking material.

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