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Glass & Concrete Top, Concrete Base, Steel Frame Conference Table Design

A conference table with I-Beam base, bolted to concrete block, concrete and glass top, Designs by Rudy

I would love to make this steel, glass, and concrete conference table for you! I wonder if this is every designer’s curse, to feel like the design is not complete until you can actually touch it, use it, feel it. Well, just let me know…

Since I designed this other table a few days ago, I realized that I’ve been preventing my clients from fully enjoying their tables by putting concrete slabs on top. I do love concrete top tables but what’s the point of making an awesome base if nobody will ever see it?

Just imagine this blue accented table with a full concrete slab on top, what a loss that would be. From now on, I’ll try to compromise and make at least part of the table’s frame visible through the top.

We have here a  20′ long x 5′ wide, partially glass top, minimalistic steel frame, concrete conference table, a very sleek conference table! It has an 8″ x 8″ I-Beam vertebrae welded into a zig-zag shape, bolted at one end to a massive counterbalancing  concrete block, and resting on the other end on a 1/2″ thick steel plate.

Three triangular steel plates, bolted at the center of this I-Beam, provide support for the 5’x6′ concrete center piece and its frame. There are two irregularly shaped glass supporting frames, with corner protecting bumpers.

Charcoal concrete, dark gray matte finish on steel, and 1/2″ thick, dimmed glass. In a few weeks you can finally enjoy your meetings! Give me call  – Darek @ 847-281-5131.

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