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Outdoor Concrete Benches & Concrete Patio Tables

DR BT1 set of outdoor concrete benches and concrete patio tables is the beginning of my new line of concrete patio furniture. Although I designed it as a set, concrete benches and matching concrete table can be purchased and used as individual items.

Also, their location is totally up to you, don’t let “outdoor” and “patio” furniture label influence your decision – enjoy them indoors as well as outdoors. Whatever you decide, the concrete benches and matching concrete table will become an attractive enhancement to your home, patio, as well as an admirable element of any office, coffee shop, department store, etc.

Despite the simplicity of the patio table and outdoor concrete benches design, there are several ways of assembling them. Since the entire set is based on just a few separate components, moving them around allows for creation of multiple arrangements.

It also helps in adopting the setting to your requirements, such as the number of people sitting by the table, or for using it as a staging platform for plants, art pieces, etc. Once in a while you may simply want to change the appearance of the concrete table and benches.

All of the elements of outdoor concrete benches and patio tables are steel reinforced for excellent strength and durability. Concrete surfaces are polished, sealed, and waxed during the finishing process which makes them weather and stain resistant.

However, the sealers do wear off over time and in order to keep the concrete surface protected, periodical re-application will be required.

The video contains a few more images of the table and benches

One more important thing that applies to concrete table and benches installed outdoors without any roof protection where the temperature may drop below freezing. Concrete does crack and chances of that happening increase dramatically when moisture / water combined with freezing temperatures are part of the equation.

Protect your beautiful concrete furniture by covering it with water resistant tarps before the cold season begins. This will prevent water from freezing and expanding between the interlocking concrete elements thus minimizing possibility of cracking.

The concrete table and benches dimensions are customizable but those pictured above are respectively.

Concrete patio table:

Table top – 18” high x 40” wide x 84” long

Table supporting legs are 24” high x 6” x 12”

Table center piece top section – 24” high x 12” x 12” / extension of that section beneath the table has a 14” x 14” base

Outdoor concrete benches:

Sitting surface – 84” long x 18” wide

Larger supporting concrete legs are 24” high and have a 12” x 12” base while smaller leg has a 12” x 6” base.

Concrete table and benches components (legs and slabs) are available in any combination of 3 colors: charcoal, gray (both shown on pictures), and white. Feel free to contact Designs by Rudy with any questions you may have regarding concrete furniture.

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