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Steel and Concrete Boardroom Table Design Concept

This steel and concrete boardroom table was a first design I created for  Northbank Civil and Marine Inc., a construction company from Vancouver, WA. The final design of this conference room table has changed significantly but I didn’t want to waste this original concept, maybe you’d like to have it adopted for your company… or your cozy dining room.

The top frame of this concrete boardroom table (5’x20′) consists of 2″x 3″ steel angle, and 1″x1″ tubing. The entire frame would be filled with one inch thick concrete slab, and its center section would have a logo embedded into a circular concrete block.

An entire 20 feet long steel frame and concrete table top is supported on four 4″x4″ H-Beams and  two 8″x8″ H-beams, all of them bolted to a massive horizontal 8″x8″ H-beam. There are also twelve turnbuckles incorporated into this design.

The center column consists of two curved, vertical steel plates bolted on the bottom to a round concrete block, pinned on top to the center block containing logo, and to the table’s top frame.

The concrete table rests on seven 3″ thick concrete blocks.

Would you like to get this exceptionally unique piece of practical art fabricated for your conference room?

Please let me know, I’ll be happy to customize and fabricate this concrete conference table for your company, or, design something completely different.

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Looking for a custom boardroom table?

Please contact me if you'd like to have a unique table designed and build to fit your particular environment. Whether you need a conference room table, office desk, or maybe your dinning room table, if you like my table designs, I'm sure I can create and build one for you.

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