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Does your local Third Lake business has a website that performs well on mobile devices? It is an important question if you don’t want to lose existing customers and count on attracting more of them with your Internet properties.

  • Is your website easily accessible and fully functional on all types of mobile devices / smartphones?

There are many different types of mobile devices currently available. That’s why it is extremely important to test your website’s performance and functionality across multiple platforms to ensure optimal viewing on all of them. Use the link below to test your Third Lake business’s website.


Click the Icon to check your Third Lake website for mobile compatibility on Google testing page.
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  • Is your website’s text easily readable on small screens?

If it isn’t, imagine frustration of a potential client having to strain to read your mobile website content. A responsive website corrects such issues by adopting to various screen sizes and serving readers large, easy-to-read text and buttons.

  • Is your phone number clickable?

Most of the time mobile users search for local services so they can call them immediately by taping the number.


  • If you are serving customers at your location, is your Third Lake business address, map, and directions immediately visible?

  • Does your local business website require horizontal scrolling?

  • Do you have any Flash content on your website?

Responsive website design in Third Lake Lake County Illinois


There could be other issues but just one of the above might cause your business to loose clients on daily basis.

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