Darek at Designs by Rudy, Concrete Furniture

A few words about me…

My name is Darek (“Rudy” is just a nickname), I was born and raised in Poland, and a portion of my childhood was spent causing my creativity related trouble. My first design was a perfect example – at the age of twelve, I managed to dismantle a brand new wall unit and make it something else, something with personality and soul… everything has to have a soul.

After migrating to the United States in the late 80’s, I made several approaches to design, but most were for personal use at home (interior and exterior), or related to my then jobs. I turned to graphic and web design over a decade ago and continued with some minor road bumps until 2010, when after adding video marketing to my arsenal this hobby finally turned into a career and full-time job.

Even though I love creating videos and marketing them, designing websites and graphics for local businesses, I always go back to my first creation that got me grounded for weeks. Although that project had nothing to do designing concrete furniture, it still inspires me, turning ordinary materials into… unique. So, with the new 2017 approaching, I’m putting aside my web design and video marketing activity (except for using it for my own purpose) and switching to 100% concrete furniture design and wood furniture design. Let me know if you’d like to have one unique piece designed for your home or office.

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