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My name is Darek, aka “Rudy”. I was born and raised in Poland and came to US over 30 years ago.

For the most part of my life I tried this, and I tried that, nothing ever seemed right…so I kept searching, and wandering. And while I wandered between ideas, dreams, and countries, I would always blame myself for not belonging and never achieving anything. I just couldn’t find my place in the world…

All those years were wasted on struggling to find that perfect spot I could fit in, a spot, I know now, that didn’t exist. I’m just thankful that I never gave up, that something inside kept me running and fighting against… normal.

I finally started digging deep inside my soul, my spirit, and me… and I love what I found. Now I know what I’m capable of, what makes me happy, and what I can give to you.

And it is what I knew all along but for some reason I couldn’t admit…that:

  • I am different
  • I am an artist
  • I am a customizer
  • I am packed with creative ideas
  • I create designs that don’t follow trends
  • I have an amazing skill to take an ordinary object and transform it into a totally unique piece of practical art

And that’s a gift.

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